Journal of Clinical Pathways provides highlights from the annual Cancer Survivorship Summit in San Diego, California (January 27-28, 2017).
Many young adult cancer survivors are unaware of potential long-term adverse effects of cancer therapies and of the necessity of follow-up care.
More than 70% of childhood cancer survivors receiving follow-up treatment expressed interest in meeting with genetic counselors tounderstand cancer predisposition.
A two-tiered cardiac monitoring system aimed at identifying cancer survivors considered at high risk for cardiotoxic events.
ASCO’s 2017 GI Cancers Symposium focused extensively on new treatments for malignancies across the GI spectrum.
A novel scoring system may identify elderly patients with advanced gastric cancer who may not benefit from chemotherapy.
A pilot program for Direct Access Colonoscopy Screening increased overall screening rates for colorectal cancer by nearly 100%.
Genomic analysis revealed differences in the landscape of estrogen receptor-positive cancers when compared with ER+ primary tumors.
Observation for adverse reactions following trastuzumab serves as an unnecessary use of health resources.