“It is time to rethink how we treat chronic lymphocytic leukemia."
Important factors to consider when developing a clinical pathway for colorectal cancer.
Michael Kolodziej, MD, argues that clinical pathways as we know them will cease to exist as a result of the rise of immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer.
Richard Schilsky, MD kicked off the Clinical Pathways Congress discussing the relationship between clinical pathways development and emergence of precision medicine.
Journal of Clinical Pathways spoke with some of the experts who will be presenting at the inaugural Clinical Pathways Congress for a preview of the important topics they will be discussing at the meeting.
Find out more about the sessions scheduled at the inaugural Clinical Pathways Congress and when they are taking place. 
The inaugural Clinical Pathways Congress is here. Join JCP as we cover all the big sessions and events happening at this year’s meeting. 
J Russel Hoverman, MD, PhD, Texas Oncology, spoke about the performance of clinical pathways in practice.