Journal of Clinical Pathways spoke with Jennifer Singleterry, MA about the role of financial navigators in the oncology landscape and strategies for greater global insurance literacy across the spectrum.
In order to better understand the role that value plays in clinical pathways, Journal of Clinical Pathways spoke with Alexander W Bastian, MBA, a member of the journal’s Editorial Advisory Board.
Clinical pathway implementation and adaptation requires proper leadership and appreciation of the nuances of organizations and patient populations, according to Aymen Elfiky, MD.
Clinical pathways are likely to serve as a valuable tool in the transition to a value-based system of care and may also serve as potential leverage in policy regarding delivery reform, according to Robin Zon, MD.
Brian D Weiss discusses the continued potential for improvement science's utility across the field of childhood cancer treatment.
William O Cooper, MD, MPH discusses malpractice management and utilizing patient complaint data to improve the consistency and quality of overall care.
A report from the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network estimated the total costs to patients associated with cancer diagnoses and treatment, based on their type of insurance.
Kerin B Adelson, MD, spoke about how palliative services can improve patient care and reduce wasteful medical expenditures in oncology. 
Jennifer Singleterry, MA, speaks about the wide-ranging implications for cancer care and the associated costs in relation to health care and insurance reform.
The future of clinical pathways largely depends on alternative payment models such as the Oncology Care Model sponsored by CMS, according to Edward Stepanski, PhD.