Journal of Clinical Pathways spoke with Robin Zon, MD, FACP, FASCO, chair of ASCO’s Task Force on Clinical Pathways and medical oncologist at Michiana Hematology Oncology, Mishawaka, IN.
To learn about the requirements for hematopoietic cell transplantation, Journal of Clinical Pathways spoke with Edward A Copelan, MD, FACP, chair of the department of hematologic oncology at the Levine Cancer Institute.
Journal of Clinical Pathways spoke with Anne C Chiang, MD, PhD, to better understand the Quality Oncology Practice Initiative.
To learn more about ACS CAN’s position and why opioid usage is such a hotly contested issue, Journal of Clinical Pathways spoke with Mark Fleury, PhD, MS, who is principal of Policy Development and Emerging Science at ACS CAN.
To gain an understanding of the data regarding HIFU and the appropriateness of its use in practice, the Journal of Clinical Pathways spoke with Jim C Hu, MD, MPH.
Ricky Newton, CPA, Community Oncology Alliance, speaks about how restricting physician dispensing can impact patient outcomes,.
Shelley Fuld Nasso speaks about the challenges cancer survivors continue to face and how clinical pathways can address the shortcomings of survivorship care.   
Jonathan Wilcox speaks on how a recent Institute for Clinical and Economic Review report and other value frameworks are affecting patient care.
Journal of Clinical Pathways spoke with Dr Christopher Lathan about the relationship between financial distress and cancer outcomes. 
Journal of Clinical Pathways spoke with Mark Boguski, MD, PhD, the co-founder and chief medical officer of Precision Medicine Network and a leading expert in precision medicine.