ACCC 44th Annual Meeting & Cancer Center Business Summit


From March 14-16, the Association for Community Cancer Center hosted its Annual Meeting & Cancer Center Business Summit in Washington, DC. The meeting served as the hub of the convergence of business, quality, technology, and policy in cancer care explored through interactive, collaborative learning. Journal of Clinical Pathways offered coverage of the most important panel discussions and presentations given at the summit. 

Experts identified some of the largest drivers of change and some of the rapidly evolving initiatives in oncology care, including costs of care and precision medicine initiatives.

A session highlighted strategies for managing clinical trials for cancer and improving patient accrual in the community setting.

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The advantages of implementing technology into the daily operations of a community-based practice vary from finding inefficiencies in operational processes for identifying gaps to optimizing value-based care.
Panelists shared their strategies of enhancing care coordination for patients in the transition toward value-based care planning.