Together, the articles in this issue emphasize the continued importance of not getting so carried away with technology, pre-approved plans, or theoretically ideal outcomes that the human aspect of medical care and care providers is lost.
Our analysis across multiple tumor types has demonstrated that health systems are wielding a growing influence on how care is delivered in the local markets in which they operate.
For professionals creating a clinical pathway for a disease state, it is important to understand the various stakeholder biases in real-world contexts, so that appropriate prompts may be integrated into the pathway in order to achieve the best outcomes.
Collectively, this issue of JCP presents how market dynamics are changing in relation to oncology practices, what providers are doing to evolve with these changes, and how clinical pathways are advancing these changes to achieve better care for patients.
Clinical pathways have begun including financial and accountable outcome measures. As we go into 2018, these issues are expected to undergo major changes as a result of legislation and regulations coming out of Washington.
The European Medicines Agency approved its first biosimilar product in 2006; the United States biosimilar market remains in its infancy. The United States must look to the European Union as biosimilar adoption continues to grow.
As another year draws to a close, I look back on the work produced by Journal of Clinical Pathways with pride. But it is still important to keep our focus on what’s next.
As a retail provider, CVS not only has its pharmacies, which have prescribing authority in several states and can act as treatment providers in certain areas, such as vaccination. It also has the ability to operate clinics in many locations.
New developments within the parameters of clinical pathways and value-based care offer many possibilities, and the current issue of Journal of Clinical Pathways offers a wide scope of where the field stands.
Medicine changes rapidly, but you can always count on Journal of Clinical Pathways for the latest information on value-based care.