Should the Trump administration succeed in rolling back many ACA key policies, clinical pathways will need to mitigate the costs from patients, providers and payers.
It is an exciting time to be involved in the development of clinical pathways and value-based care, as these studies—and the research coming out of ASCO—show.
The future of clinical pathways largely depends on alternative payment models such as the Oncology Care Model sponsored by CMS, according to Edward Stepanski, PhD.
The preparatory precautions detailed in this column serve to raise awareness of the specific needs to older adults during travel.
Value measurement strategies and managed care may serve to reconcile the rapid treatment advances occurring in oncology with the attendant high costs of care.
Clinical pathways have served to promote evidence-based medicine and value-based care across the medical continuum. 
Journal of Clinical Pathways spoke with David A Hughes, BSN, about how the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance integrates the patient viewpoint and a collective understanding of value into clinical pathway practice.
Journal of Clinical Pathways spoke with Alex W Bastian, MBA, strategic advisor, ASCO Value In Cancer Task Force, about how his role in the Task Force has impacted his views concerning value-based care, health care reform, and clinical pathways.
The role of targeted therapies and clinical pathways in shaping future treatment practices for marginal zone lymphoma.
Clinical pathways that allow for differences in patient goals and preferences will be better positioned to achieve the Triple Aim.