Authors explored how price can influence the perception of a product’s clinical effectiveness and positioning for use. 
hether value is being defined by the health care provider, the payer, the patient, or industry, the importance of evidence-based treatment decisions and care practices is acknowledged by all stakeholders. The articles in this issue highlight different definitions of value, but they also demonstrate how often these definitions overlap. 
The authors discuss how physicians should approach clinical scenarios when the best treatment option lies outside what is recommended on a clinical pathway.
The articles in this issue of Journal of Clinical Pathways aim to shed light on the issues identified by ASCO as being important to ensuring the future success of clinical pathways in oncology.
Implementing the principles and theories of health psychology can significantly increase patient engagement through the use of targeted messaging, motivational interviewing, and shared decision-making tools. 
In the latest issue of the Journal of Clinical Pathways, authors demonstrate that before clinical pathways can be implemented, developers must give careful consideration to a number of practical obstacles. 
A flood of biosimilars is expected to be released in the coming years, Drs. Stefanacci and Guerin discuss how these new drugs will affect the development of new and current clinical pathways. 
The articles in this issue of Journal of Clinical Pathways demonstrate the various ways in which clinical pathways can be applied to help health care providers achieve the highest quality of care for their patients.