Researchers show that patient navigation programs can reduce provider costs by decreasing missed colorectal cancer screening appointments.
The Levine Cancer Institute of the Carolinas HealthCare System has had a large impact on hematopoietic cell transplant outcomes.
The adoption of clinical pathways is standardizing the cancer care process, with adherence to established protocols impacting efficacy, safety, and cost of care. 
The authors share their experiences with implementing PRO collection and discuss the key considerations for success, including appropriate measure selection, achieving buy-in from health care providers, and utilizing PRO data in clinical practice.
As the Republican party gains control over federal health care policy, it seems likely that patients will have much more involvement in their health care.
The way in which health care is delivered must be rethought with a focus on care coordination, patient engagement, and specific treatments through clinical pathways.
Clinical pathways provide opportunities to facilitate a shift towards patients who have ownership of their treatment and behave as active consumers.