Before the relative value of a drug can be determined, one must first consider how value is defined by the patient. Dr. Benson and Ms. McClure respond to a viewpoint by Roger Longman, MA. 
Roger Longman, MA, offers a perspective on how we can overcome comparative effectiveness research and bring a greater understanding on which drugs work best. 
Clinical pathways are intended to be used by a multidisciplinary health care team in order to achieve the Triple Aim of healthcare reform.
The debate continues to rage over the current cost of cancer care and the value that these drugs bring to patients.
 Dr. David R. Henderson and Charle L. Hooper offer another perspective on healthcare reform. 
Introducing Journal of Clinical Pathways (JCP) – a new peer-reviewed publication that will serve as a forum for the pursuit of attaining quantifiable value in healthcare.
Journal of Clinical Pathways is proud to announce the members of its Editorial Advisory Board.