Blue Cross Blue Shield, Google Affiliate Partner for Diabetes Care Program


The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) has announced a partnership with a Google-affiliated company to provide personalized type 2 diabetes care to members of its health plans.

The company BCBSA is partnering with is Onduo – a diabetes management company under the life sciences branch of Google. The pilot program—which is set to launch in 2018 in Arkansas, Georgia, and South Carolina—will also involve the pharmaceutical company Sanofi.

Onduo will work with BCBSA members to provide appropriate diabetes interventions, including wireless glucose monitors, wellness programs, and a team of health care employees. Additionally, the program will offer guidance and support for members between doctor visits.

BCBSA will be able to use the program as a way of gathering and interpreting data on diabetes outcomes, costs, and member experiences.

“Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies have a long history of bringing locally tailored, innovative programs to the communities we serve,” said Jody Voss, vice president of development, innovation and the group purchasing organization, BCBSA, in a statement (November 16, 2017). “We are pleased to be able to continue this tradition by partnering with Onduo on a new diabetes management program that will help eligible members better manage their type 2 diabetes.


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“My experience as a physician led to an understanding of the importance of both supporting the patient at the time of a visit as well providing individualized support throughout the year,” said Josh Riff, chief executive officer, Onduo (November 16, 2017). “Onduo’s goal is to increase access to solid, evidence-based interventions in a personalized manner. Managing diabetes is a 24/7 job that we want to make easier for members. We are thrilled to partner with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association to help members receive the support and care they need to become healthier.”—Zachary Bessette