Where the Pathways Conversation Turns to Action


Where the Pathways Conversation Turns to Action


Value-based care is here. The question now is, How is your organization utilizing pathways to their fullest in order to realize the most benefit?

Enter the Clinical Pathways Congress, taking place from October 26–28 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Year 3 of the Congress gets very practical—it has been designed to dive in and address the operational questions raised by cancer center directors, clinical pathways directors, medical and pharmacy benefit managers, pathway vendors, and other stakeholders—about design, development, implementation, utilization, and outcome measurement.

  • How do we best analyze our patient data?
  • How do we incentivize care coordination and pathways adherence?
  • How does our pathways platform compare to others?
  • How do we build, improve, or expand our pathways program?
  • How do we measure outcomes?

Join us in October and connect with experts and other stakeholders on the “hows” of pathways—a roll-up-your-sleeves meeting, an ‘ask the questions keeping you up at night’ meeting—to gain practical solutions for achieving optimal patient care while successfully supporting new value-based approaches.

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