Improving Survival for Patients With AMLA recent study found which characteristic to be associated with survival in AML?
Cost-Effective Therapy for Multiple MyelomaA recent analysis showed which therapy option as the most cost-effective in pretreated multiple myeloma?
Immunotherapy in Soft-Tissue and Bone SarcomaWhich immuno-agent has shown efficacy in advanced soft-tissue and bone sarcoma?
Limiting Skeletal Risks in Breast CancerWhich therapy is most cost-effective for reducing the risk of skeletal events in breast cancer?
Emerging Secondary Cancers to Kaposi SarcomaWhich of the following cancers has been cited as an emerging secondary malignancy to Kaposi sarcoma?
Standard of Care for Soft-Tissue SarcomaWhich treatment option is considered and should remain the standard of care in soft-tissue sarcoma?
Factors Contributing to Melanoma Treatment DelayWhich of the following does NOT contribute to treatment delay in melanoma?
Palliative Care Use in Late-Stage CancerPalliative care is underused among patients with which late-stage cancer type?
Maintenance Therapy for Multiple MyelomaMaintenance therapy with which agent prolongs time to remission after ASCT in multiple myeloma?
Composite Model Prediction in AMLA recently developed model for AML accurately predicts which outcome after treatment?
PARP Inhibitor for Improving PROs in Ovarian CancerWhich PARP inhibitor was recently found to increase quality of life in patients with ovarian cancer?
New Treatment Option For A Type Of Blood CancerThe FDA recently approved Besponsa as an injectable treatment for adults with which type of blood cancer?