Research Report

Researchers identified critical educational gaps that need to be addressed by manufacturers and policymakers in order for biosimilars to achieve their potential for lowering the cost of cancer care in the United States.
The potential impact of CAR-T therapies should not be underestimated, nor should their complexity, which is why a broader understanding of stakeholder knowledge and perception may be critical to their adoption and use.
Post-TOP lobectomy is associated with increased clinical staging, greater utilization of mediastinoscopy and bronchoscopy, performance of minimally invasive resection, greater number of lymph nodes procured, and decreased length of stay.
Implementation of a standardized multidisciplinary rounds protocol can improve care coordination, patient assessments of care quality, and patient length of stay.
Researchers show that patient navigation programs can reduce provider costs by decreasing missed colorectal cancer screening appointments.
The adoption of clinical pathways is standardizing the cancer care process, with adherence to established protocols impacting efficacy, safety, and cost of care.