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Medicine changes rapidly, but you can always count on Journal of Clinical Pathways for the latest information on value-based care.
For those of us at Journal of Clinical Pathways, September marks our Clinical Pathways Congress, held the weekend of September 8 in Washington, DC. Although the Congress may be our primary focus, it is certainly not the only iron we have in the fire.
Our annual Clinical Pathways Congress (CPC) will be held in Washington, DC, over the second weekend in September, and we hope to see many of our readers there. We have reached an exciting moment in clinical pathways development.
Between the state of cancer care in America, the continued debate over the country’s health care system, and the best treatment practices for older adults, this issue of Journal of Clinical Pathways presents a broad spectrum of important issues in the field of value-based care. 
It is an exciting time to be involved in the development of clinical pathways and value-based care, as these studies—and the research coming out of ASCO—show.
Clinical pathways have served to promote evidence-based medicine and value-based care across the medical continuum. 
Health care delivery is always in flux, but treatment advances have introduced new variables into the health care continuum that were unthinkable even a decade ago.
Amid the recent political changes in the United States, there has been plentiful discussion about what the future of health care will look like.
As we bring a close to 2016, the first full year of publication of Journal of Clinical Pathways (JCP), it is a good opportunity to reflect on how the role of clinical pathways in the health care landscape has grown and evolved.
The articles in this issue discuss practical considerations for achieving goals of improving patient care.