The international workshop on CLL updated the prognostic criteria for their consensus guideline to include all of the following EXCEPT mutational status in which gene?
According to a study presented at the SG0 2018 Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer, how can ovarian cancer health disparities be improved?
From 2007 to 2014, funding from the National Cancer Institute for ovarian and uterine cancers fluctuated by what percentage?
A recent study found that patients with non-Hodgkin lymphoma who received CAR-T therapy benefited, with an overall response rate of what percentage after a median of 15.4 months?
Which first-line treatment strategy was shown to be safe and effective in older patients with newly diagnosed Ph-negative ALL?
According to a recent study, which immunotherapy indication does NOT meet the ASCO value framework threshold for durable survival?
According to a recent study, treatment with the multikinase inhibitor entrectinib produces durable responses in all of the following soft-tissue sarcomas EXCEPT...
According to a recent study, which characteristic is associated with survival in acute myeloid leukemia?
A recent analysis showed which therapy option as the most cost-effective in pretreated multiple myeloma?
Recent research has shown which immuno-agent to be effective with limited toxicity in advanced soft-tissue and bone sarcoma?