Value-Based Care

New research published in Nature Genetics showed that chemotherapy shapes the genetic evolution of urothelial cancer cells clone to become drug-resistant.
Survival does not differ for patients with resectable esophageal cancer who are treated with neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy and chemotherapy.
Cancer and its treatments lead to financial toxicity for patients, according to cancer specialists who reported the findings from using the Comprehensive Score for Financial Toxicity (COST) questionnaire in Cancer.
New findings presented by the Cancer Support Community suggest that a significant proportion of patients have difficulty conceptualizing value in terms of current cost-benefit models used by policymakers.
An analytic tool that allocates clinical care costs and quality measures to individual patient encounters may help to enhance the quality of care delivered by physicians, according to research published in JAMA. 
Vinblastine monotherapy has few side effects and equivalent survival to other therapies when used to treat pediatric low-grade glioma, according to a recent study.